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The higher purpose of Layer 10 is to add true value to society through excellent and sustainable software solutions, in a world were constant change appears to be the only thing that is here to stay.

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Welcome home to Layer 10

The expertise of Layer 10 is to provide the right human capital needed to reach success, whether it’s about helping to carry your software idea from concept to realization, or adding value to your already existing product.

We do this by gathering a collective of passionate people whose common driving force is to practice genuine craftmanship within the exciting area of software development.

Our services

We are not believers of one single choice of technology platform. Our services are instead constantly evolved by critical match and supplement of our current competence map with alternate and new technologies.


NodeJS, Angular, React, gulp is just a handful of the technologies we use to create modern frontend solutions. Sustainable backend parts are typically developed using C#, Java, PHP, MySQL. Technology choices are derived carefully, taking aspects such as product lifecycle and possible legacy under consideration.


Native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using Objective-C, Swift, Java or C#, together with extensive experience in cross-platform development using Xamarin.


Some of our colleagues can’t think of a world without embedded programming, using languages such as C/C++ to create efficient and often time critical software that communicates close to, or directly with, the pure hardware.


Our experienced testers act side by side with the developers. Following test specifications, but not least going exploratory in order to find the potential bugs that wasn’t covered in the specification.

Test Automation

Other colleagues have specialized in creating realisable test automation scenarios. Care to talk about keyword based test-automation, helping testers to design executable test specifications?

Join the collective

You spend alot of time at work and we wanna see to it that you enjoy your stay here. How you develop both professionally and private is something that is very important to us.

Hack days

Hack away.

Each month we reserve a day for prototyping highly serious (or crazy) ideas or simply learning something new.

Weekly lunches

On us.

Every other week we gather our teams for lunch, combining technical discussions with demos and presentations.

40 hours per year

Competence investment.

We invest 40 hours per year where you can do almost anything you want. And yes, focusing on that old target of describing the universe in F# would be OK too.