Our culture

Our purpose is to realize our customers’ dreams and ideas through excellent software solutions. And we do so by bringing together the most brilliant, passionate and driven people.

The OSI Model is a way of sub-dividing a communication system into seven different layers (Layer 1 to 7). In addition, Layer 8 and 9 have ironically been referred to as the financial and the political layer. We want to add another one:
Layer 10 - The Human Layer.


Weekly tech lunches

On us.

Every other week we gather our teams for lunch, combining technical discussions with demos and presentations.

40 hours per year

Competence investment.

We invest 40 hours per year where you can do almost anything you want. And yes, focusing on that old target of describing the universe in F# would be OK too.

“What Happened in Amsterdam…”

… happens every year.

Amsterdam, Ven, Copenhagen… or why not Borås. What is your suggestion on location of our next conference trip?


Let us try that new komex restaurant.

During our dinners and gatherings there will generally not put that much emphasis at all on presenting the latest revenue report, but more on enjoying life together and why not getting to know each other for real.


Together we learn.

Workshops in a relaxed manner have been a natural way for us to develop collectively ever since the start of Layer 10 five years ago. Pizza and internally brewed beer is on the house.

Competence exchange

Never far away.

Use any physical or digital means available to indicate that you’re “having trouble recieving file with empty up/down. Have added the new class in the model and in WatchOutDbContext.” and help will generally come fast.

Colleagues and friends.

Not managers.

Being part of Layer 10 means being part of a company without unnecessary hierarchies and managers. It therefore also means being a part of a company where colleagues also tend to become friends from time to time.

Invite an old friend

We have the ping-pong table.

By truly trusting each others IQ as well as EQ, everyone at Layer 10 is encouraged to take active part in the recruitment as well as in the business process. Why not inviting that old friend from the university for a Clojure discussion over a cup of Java and a ping-pong game?

Interested in working with us?

Do you have a passion for sharing your knowledge with others? Is software development your passion? Look no further.

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